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The Handy Helper Arm is an apparatus that attaches to a vehicle hitch and functions as a saw mount or bench vise.
Patented locking handle. Secures the handle while driving or repositions it while working. To operate, pull handle out, rotate to desired position. This electric chain saw sharpener mounts to a bench, wall or vise for convenient sharpening of your chain saw. Featuring a 4200 RPM grinding speed, large side safety guard and chain rotation rollers to advance links, this chain saw sharpener is quick, safe and powerful. Improve the life span and cutting power of your chain saw with this simple but effective chain saw sharpener!

Chain vise adjusts to all chain designs and pitches
Chain rotation rollers advance links, eliminating frustrating setup time


  • Allows a saw plate or bench vise to be mounted to a vehicle
  • Converts the vehicle into a convenient workstation
  • Ideal for use on-the-go individuals
  • Saves user from. having to drag as much equipment to the job site
  • Ends the need to set up saw horses and work benches
  • Enables user to work more efficiently


  • Invention consists of a mounting arm. a saw plate and a bench vise
  • Measures approximately 12 inches long and high. and 5 inches wide
  • The arm features a square tube that secures to the receiver hitch, a cotter pin is inserted through aligned holes in both the arm and the receiver hitch
  • The device is secured to the hitch, and the mounting arm features a slight upward curvature
  • An exposed, tubular section of the arm allows for the attachment of the .saw plate or bench vise.
  • Each of the. components has a small, square tubular shaft that is slipped over the exposed section of the arm
  • When the plate is attached, two different sizes of chop .saws can be supported by and operated. on the plate A bench vise can be attached to the mounting arm after the saw plate has been removed
  • Once attached. the vise is used in a conventional manner to securely hold objects or work materials, a crank handle is used to open and close the vise


  • Prototype available
  • Patent application in process
  • VIP-Virtual Invention Presentation' available; DVD contains 3D Renderings, animated demonstration and voice narration of the features and benefits


  • Hardware stores
  • Home centers
  • Discount department and variety stores
  • Warehouse clubs and super stores
  • Wholesalers of contractors' equipment
  • Wholesalers of contractors' equipment
  • Internet websites
  • Mail-order catalogs