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About Us

Mr. Feliks K.Marcinkiewicz

Like most creators of new or improved products., M. Marcinkiewicz conceived of the "HANDY HELPER" as a result of personal experience and the need for such a product.

Mr. Marcinkiewicz lives in Clearwater, Florida and is the father of two adult children. He is retired and enjoys building things with his hands in his leisure.

The "HANDY HELPER" could be utilized by commercial workers such as tradespeople, highway maintenance workers, welder, and landscapers. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts could use Mr. Marcinkiewicz  product as well.

Historical Development:

Prior to contacting Invent Help®, Mr. Marcinkiewicz identified a need or a problem to be solved that prompted him into the invention process. He then conceived "HANDY HELPER" and created a prototype. A prototype, by reason of its visibility and tangibility, makes it easier for anyone who may become interested in the idea to have a clearer understanding of its concept an d purpose. Subsequently, sketches/drawings and a written description were prepared for review by Invent Help. No attempts have been made to manufacture or market "HANDY HELPER".